eClaims Workflow – IME Vendor Automation

With the latest addition of Assessor Portal, the transformation of our popular Case Management software into a fully featured IME solution has been completed. Now IME Providers can virtualize their operations and maintain productivity both in office and remotely.

From intake to accounting, with our solution your entire staff will deliver fast and high quality reports while eClaims Workflow automation generates documents and tracks costs and productivity.

Our combination of user friendly systems and live technical support allow today’s remote workers to work efficiently as a team. And our cloud based servers include full security documentation to satisfy all Insurer compliance needs (our support staff will assist with your security audits).

NEW TRIAL OFFER    (Q2 2020)

For a limited time we’re offering a Setup Fee rebate.
Please call for details:
(416) 226-9948 ext. 186

eClaims Workflow is a cloud solution that works with numerous US and Canadian Insurers, Secondary Service Providers, and assessors. All transactions are secure, automated and tracked, making eClaims Workflow an ideal 360° solution for all communication and tracking needs.

A sophisticated audit and tracking system provides real-time data on all business activities. You will know when a referral becomes unprofitable, or when a referral has missed a deadline.

More importantly, we provide everything for a simple flat rate fee — $10 per referral. This includes:

  • no cost per user accounts: Staff/Adjusters/SSP’s or anyone you assign
  • Seven years storage: includes SOC audits and security reports
  • No Server or equipment required: Everything in a web browser
  • Tech Support: Live and unlimited (at no extra cost)
  • Full Reporting: all data is processed and reported in real-time

Below is a top level overview of some key features. To view the system in action, please contact us to arrange a demonstration.

icon scheduling

Appointments and Paper Reviews

Comprehensive set of tools for scheduling and tracking appointments including management of assessors’ availability and notice of examination letter creation.

icon documents

Document Management

Customized processes for handling medical documents and assessor reports complete with revision tracking and specialized user notes.

icon graph

Business Intelligence

Real-time tracking and data collection allows for monitoring and controlling performance, volume, and cost.

icon assessor

Assessor Portal

System automation for all aspects of assessor communication and file exchange with full document revision tracking and assessor invoice submission.

icon connection

Live Clients

Dedicated and fully customizable setup for clients (insurers, employers, independent adjusters, etc) to participate in referral handling from start to completion.

icon dashboard

Dashboard and Data Visualization

Leverage queues, to-do lists, feeds, reminders, and at-a-glance real-time indicators to oversee and prioritize tasks on every assessment.

icon van

Supplier Integration

Direct connection with interpreting and transportation companies eliminates all hassles related to arranging of those services.

icon billing

Billing, Expenses, and HCAI

Customizable templates for billing and expenses with automatic submission. Optional features Include pre-programmed fee schedules.