Key Benefits For Vendors

Improve Efficiency – Reduce Expenses

For Vendors, the pressure is on as never before to find cost savings and greater efficiencies in their claims handling processes. Utilizing eClaims Workflow solutions will:

    • Streamline and Standardize Claims handling
    • Reduce and Control Expenses
    • Optimize Vendor Performance
    • Manage Secondary Service Providers
    • Ensure Privacy of Information Compliance
    • Provide Advanced Business Intelligence in Real-Time
    • Improve Customer Service

Our VENDOR fee model ensures that vendors pay for only the referrals they accept on an all –inclusive basis. There are NO MONTHLY, LICENSING, MAINTENANCE, SUPPORT OR TRAINING FEES related to their participation.



    • Eliminate photocopying, duplication, courier, faxing
    • Optimize administrative processing
    • Improve cycle times
    • Enhance file scrutiny
    • Streamline file handling
    • Reduced marketing expenses given auto-rotation of referral distribution
    • All-inclusive pricing. Pay for only those referrals accepted
    • Streamline communication with Secondary Service Providers


    • Improved client relationships
    • Enhanced customer service levels
    • Level playing field with competitors regardless of size, influence or affiliation
    • Date and time stamped communications and documentation exchange
    • Real-time performance monitoring
    • Transparent process management
    • Intuitive reporting capabilities
    • Streamline, simplify information exchange
    • Enhanced file scrutiny
    • Improved auditing process
    • Privacy of Information Compliance
    • Monitor Performance of Secondary Service Providers