Key Benefits For Insurers

Centralize Data – Reduce/Control Expenses

All claims departments are facing increasing demands to identify strategies to reduce and control expenses related to the file handling process. eClaims Workflow provides Insurers with this functionality as the system tracks and provides access to the real-time information necessary to make proactive decisions. Implementing eClaims Workflows to manage the communication and document exchange between Insurance Companies and their preferred vendors will:

    • Streamline and Standardize Claims handling
    • Reduce and Control Expenses
    • Optimize Vendor Performance
    • Manage Secondary Service Providers
    • Ensure Privacy of Information Compliance
    • Provide Advanced Business Intelligence in Real-Time
    • Improve Customer Service
There is NO COST to insurance companies.
We provide free setup, training, on-going support and system updates.

    • Optimize Vendor performance
    • Unbiased, equal distribution of files on rotational basis
    • Transparent real-time file and stage tracking
    • Standardize Best Practises in file handling whether internally or externally adjusted
    • Monitor adjusters file handling activities for training purposes
    • Privacy of Information Compliance
    • Flexible, customizable, real-time reporting tools by adjuster and vendor
    • Enhanced intelligence for internal reporting purposes
    • Real-time analytics to proactively identify performance levels
    • Simplify the vendor auditing process
    • Eliminate photocopying, duplication, courier, faxing
    • Optimize administrative processing
    • Improve cycle times
    • Enhance file scrutiny
    • Streamline file handling