Why Us

eClaims Workflow Inc. understands insurance; we do nothing else. Industry experience, focused attention to detail, and exceptional customer service sets eClaims Workflow apart from the competition. Our deep claims roots allow us to understand our client’s needs and the challenges they face daily. We know when and how to ask the right questions, as the service was created with and for insurers.

eClaims Workflow Inc. is privately owned and independent of all industry vendors and back office software solutions ensuring we are solely working in your best interests.

Each eClaims Workflow Module was designed to offer customization, configurability, and a user-intuitive approach to navigation. Almost every aspect of the system including screen layouts, workflow routing and reporting can all be configured to meet the insurers exact business needs. Dedicated to user satisfaction, eClaims Workflow approaches implementation on a customized basis, responding to an insurer’s specific workflow and needs. Our no risk implementation means insurers can be up and running in a matter of hours instead of weeks and months thanks to our hosted model accessible 24/7 from any browser anywhere with full technical support.
eClaims Workflow solutions help insurers control/reduce expenses, improve efficiency, monitor performance and provide access to consistent, reliable, actionable information.

There Are NO INITIAL, HIDDEN OR ON-GOING FEES OR EXPENSES to Insurance companies related to implementation, training, use or support of the service. Our Module approach to providing Vendor Workflow solutions lets you scale the activation and implementation of the Modules easily and seamlessly without any risk, IT infrastructure or expense.

Our User Fee revenue model ensures that vendors pay for only the referrals they accept on an All-Inclusive transactional basis. There are NO MONTHLY, LICENSING, MAINTANENCE, INITIATION SUPPORT OR HIDDEN COSTS associated with the Vendors participation in the service. This eliminates the vendors requirement for IT infrastructure or internal resources.

eClaims Workflow provides users with a powerful set of robust Business Intelligence tools specifically designed for insurance executives to monitor and control performance and costs generated internally and by the independent adjusters who serve them. Insurers have a complete 360° view of their operation including both internal and external files. Automatic vendor rotation assignment functionality ensures that files are distributed evenly and without bias. Real-time tracking and data collection allows insurers to immediately identify trends as they happen. This provides companies the ability to immediately respond to adverse developments, and incorporate proactive responses to manage desired behaviour and outcomes quickly and precisely.

Having processed over 100,000 referrals from over 1800 users to date with over 140,000 outcomes, we are confident that once you have experienced the systems abilities and suite of Workflow processes for yourself you will be amazed by its;

  • Ease of use
  • Flexibility
  • Intuitive Business Intelligence
  • Real-Time intelligence at your fingertips


  • Empower Adjusters and Unit Managers
  • Streamline and Standardize Vendor Management
  • Reduce and Control Expenses in Real-time
  • Optimize Performance and Productivity
  • And so much more…

For more information and to arrange a convenient systems demonstration please contact us On-line or by calling us at: 416-226-9948 Ext 185 or 1-888-593-2463.