About Us


eClaims Workflow Inc. provides a multi-vendor, web based solution that enables Insurance companies to securely communicate and electronically transfer documentation securely to and from their preferred vendors with full transparency and on-line tracking. Our Multi-Vendor – Single Solution technology enables claims departments to manage and deliver all vendor referral information, notes and supporting documentation from assignment to the delivery of reports and outcomes with one login seamlessly and instantly.

Originally launched in 2004 as IME Workflow Inc. to manage the communication and documentation requirements around Independent Medical Examinations, the growing demand from insurance companies for additional workflow options has resulted in the re-branding of the company in 2013 as eClaims Workflow Inc. Coinciding with the re-branding of the company, we are excited to include four new modules in addition to IME Workflow including Investigation, Litigation, Accounting and Engineering.

Our eClaims Workflow solutions remain FREE of charge to Insurance Companies. There are NO INITIAL, HIDDEN or ONGOING EXPENSES to insurers related to the implementation, use, maintenance, support or training for the system.

The eClaims system provides a customizable and robust suite of performance management tools that allows insurers to monitor vendor performance against guidelines, regardless of whether the files are handled internally, or externally. Real-time tracking and data collection allows insurers to immediately identify trends as they happen. This allows insurers the ability to immediately respond to adverse developments, and incorporate responsive business behaviour into their file handling and decision making processes.

Why Us

eClaims Workflow Inc. understands insurance; we do nothing else. Industry experience, focused attention to detail, and exceptional customer service sets eClaims Workflow apart from the competition. Our deep claims roots allow us to understand our client’s needs and the challenges they face daily. We know when and how to ask the right questions, as the service was created with and for insurers.

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    • Identify trends
    • Manage performance
    • Develop strategies for managing preferred outcomes

Whether it is Accident Benefits, Property & Casualty or Bodily Injury claims, implementing any one or all of our workflow processes will:

    • Reduce expenses
    • Centralize all communication and documentation
    • Ensure Privacy of Information compliance
    • Optimize performance
    • Provide unmatched business intelligence for reporting and performance management purposes

Our revenue model ensures that vendors pay for only the referrals they accept on an all-inclusive transactional basis. There are no monthly, licensing, maintenance, initiation, support or training fees.

To date, eClaims Workflow has trained over 1800 users, processed over 100,000 referrals with over 140,000 actionable results. Independent of all vendors and back end software solution providers means we are truly working independently in your best interests.

We are confident that once you have seen the eClaims Workflow system abilities and suite of workflow processes for yourself you will be amazed by its:

    • Ease of use
    • Flexibility
    • Intuitive Business Intelligence
    • Real time information at your fingertips

You will see for yourself why so many insurers utilize this invaluable resource to:

    • Empower adjusters and unit managers
    • Streamline Claims Processes
    • Reduce and Control Expenses
    • Optimize claims handling and Vendor Performance

*To arrange an online or in person systems demonstration please contact our sales department online or at: 416-226-9948 Ext 185