About Us

Efficiency Through Technology

Originally launched in 2004 as IME Workflow Inc. to manage the communication and documentation requirements around Independent Medical Examinations, the growing demand from insurance companies for additional workflow options has resulted in the re-branding of the company in 2013 as eClaims Workflow Inc. Coinciding with the re-branding of the company, we are excited to include four new modules in addition to IME Workflow including Investigation, Litigation, Accounting and Engineering.

The modern claims department is required to do more work with less resources. We delivers efficiency through technology while providing
visibility, control, and productivity to your claims process.

We stand behind our products combining no charge updates, live technical support, training, and a vibrant network of willing providers. eClaims Workflow has trained over 1800 users, processed over 150,000 referrals
with 185,000 actionable results.

We are 100% independent to ensure our integrity to the insurer.
We excel at delivering efficiency, security, and transparency in
vendor relations.