October 17, 2018: Our FREE IME Software for providers is now available!
eClaims Workflow is proud to announce the completion of phase 1 of project IME Logix: BackOffice software to empower IME Vendors.  Users can schedule appointments, track providers, store documents (including draft reports) and communicate with all parties inside our secure and PIPEDA compliant platform.

As part of a 3 stage development, phase 1 includes the ability to enter referrals for Insurers that are not already using eClaims Workflow, to assign medical providers/transport/translation resources, distribute and track the documentation, process reports and track billing. This allows for basic processing while the next modules are in development. It is ready today and we invite you to sign up for the beta program or to schedule a demonstration.

Phase 2 includes enhanced scheduling and resource management as well as a doctor portal. Enhanced scheduling will allow for additional resource bookings such as hotel rooms or diagnostic equipment. The doctor portal will allow a practitioner to login, review his schedule, access assigned referrals (including all documentation) and provide real time feedback. This is expected to be completed by Dec 2018.

Phase 3 will add billing intelligence and reporting functionality. This will permit the tracking of doctor vouchers, electronic filing with insurers, HCAI automation, and cost analysis to better improve IME efficiency. This phase is expected to be completed by Mar 2019.

Existing eClaims Workflow users will have access to these features as they become available.  IME Providers may choose to continue to use their internal systems or can opt for the free automation provided.  Some details apply; for information or to sign up for the beta program please contact

July 17, 2018: Hightened Security Stature
We employ leading edge security combined with Intrusion Detection and live IT staff monitoring all activity.  But given the recent number of high profile data breech events we have been asked to increase our defense mechanisms.  We have recently tightened the standards from which locations a user can login, the password complexity, incorrect password handling, and/or request an account to be unlocked.  The new security paradigm may inconvenience some users.  If you fall into this group or have questions please contact support.  We are happy to answer your questions and guide you into improved compliance.

  • Canada     Mon-Sat   1.888.593.2463 x4     8a-8p EST
    Canada     Sun          1.888.593.2463 x4    10a-5p EST
  • USA          Mon-Sat   1.800.811.1913 x4      8a-8p EST
    USA          Sun          1.800.811.1913 x4      10a-5p EST

February 18, 2018: SSL Security Update
To match the security improvements of our Certificate Authority, we have replaced the SSL certificates on the Canada and USA eClaims Workflow websites with updated versions.  This has best tested in all normal scenarios and no noticeable impact to users is expected.  If you receive an SSL security warning (and are using an up to date browser or SSL API) then please contact support for assistance.

Aug 31, 2017: LAT module is now available
The latest system update includes a specialized workflow for License Appeal Tribunal referrals. The LAT workflow process is part of the Litigation Workflow module and is available to all eClaims Workflow Insurers at no charge.  Litigation Workflow allows you to assign either internal or external legal counsel and track their progress.   Outcome tracking and bill review allow a claims manager to determine the best use of their legal budget.