eClaims Workflow and WiseDocs Partner on IME Document Automation

Sept 15 , 2021

Toronto, ON - eClaims Workflow, the web-based claims management software helping insurance companies with vendor document communication and e-transfer, has today announced signature of a new Partnership Agreement with Wisedocs, the leading provider of intelligent document processing for the medical industry..

The two companies will collaborate to bring scalable document automation, including streamlined indexing, de-duplication, and summary of Medical Records for Assessment, to IME providers in the US and Canada..

eClaims Workflow has been helping insurance companies transfer documentation to and from preferred vendors for over a decade, and is a leading supporter of claims departments and their effort to manage and deliver vendor referral information, notes, and documentation. eClaims Workflow's modules are used by Independent Medical Examinations (IME) medical, legal defense, forensic accounting, and private investigator teams, among others, in Canada and they are growing their US expansion into 2021. .

Wisedocs will help eClaims to provide automated, scalable, and high-accuracy document processing using artificial intelligence to the thousands of IMEs and other Assessors on the eClaims platform. Wisedocs' intelligent document processing AI, which is built to understand and organize unstructured medical data such as PDFs, JPEG images, and faxes, can help customers achieve a greater than 99% accuracy processing a variety of medical documents, and is leveraging this partnership as a scale-up mechanism for its US expansion..

Ian Edgar, eClaims Workflow's CEO, said "We are thrilled to connect with WiseDocs and to offer their innovation through eClaims Workflow".


About eClaims Workflow .

With 17 years of experience, eClaims Workflow is a web application suite for Insurance claims management. It includes workflow and document management, secure communication tools, and invoice tracking and analysis. Insurers get real-time oversight of their claims vendors and processes. Claims vendors receive a streamlined path to multiple Insurer that include the online tools or they can bridge their existing systems through API access..

For information please visit or contact / 1-888-593-2463 x4.

About Wisedocs.

Wisedocs is an intelligent document processing AI for the medical sector. It allows medical records and other data to be processed in real time, with advanced customizable machine learning outputs. Founded in 2018, Wisedocs is at the forefront of AI-enabled optical character recognition and its platform is trained to organize and understand unstructured medical data for the IME, diagnostics, medico-legal, and insurance industries..

For more information please contact:.

Jonathan Holtby / / +44 (0) 7508 080295

Microsoft Halfnium Exploit

March 6, 2021

The recent Hafnium exploit affecting numerous companies running Microsoft Exchange does not directly affect eClaims Workflow. The internal communicatoin and email system is proprietary and does not utilize any Exchange components. However the support and admin email accounts are hosted on a Microsoft Exchange server. This server has been patched and an audit performed to verify that no incursion has occurred.

Solar Winds / Orion Exploits

December 23, 2020

The big news in IT security is the recent Solar Winds hack related to their Orion platform. eClaims Workflow has not installed (past or present) products related to the Solar Winds Orion. We use a small list of third party productcs to ensure the strength in our supply chain, and we combine this with an isolation design, strong encyption, and IDS monitoring to ensure no inappropriate activity occurs on our network. We have not been affected by the Solar Winds breech.

Security Upgrade for

June 29, 2020

As of Aug 31, 2020 we are removing support for legacy technologies such as TLS 1.0 and 1.1 as well as some weak cypher protocols. These technologies were commonly used by older browsers such as Safari 7/8 or out of date installs of Firefox. You can test that your computer supports modern SSL connections like TLS 1.2 by connecting to our test system at . If the page does not load then your system will require an update in order to continue using eClaims Workflow. Please contact our support group for assistance at or by calling 416.226.9948 x4

DR Testing Postponement

April 2, 2020

Due to Covid-19 related issues, we are postponing our disaster recovery testing until June. The DR testing process includes stress testing. We would normally have a tech on standby during this test. However due to Covid restrictions out Toronto Data Centre is on lock down which would make addressing a problem more difficult.

We are seeing an increased use of systems such as, but our infrastructure was already built with extra capacity and the added load has not been a problem. All systems are fully functional and once the data centre restrictions have been lifted we will schedule the DR tests.