eClaims eMSG

A courier, documents team, switchboard, and compliance officer rolled into one. 
eMsg includes default security and compliance rulesets that are customizable.

With a simple drag & drop interface, staff can both send, request, and receive documents, forms, and messages with full encryption.  eMsg automatically tracks and enforces compliance.  Send one-way information to email recipients such as policy documents.  Send forms for claims and receive electronic processed replies.  Request invoices or video surveillance from claims vendors.  Powerful tools in a simple interface at your fingertips.

Data privacy and control is becoming the largest liability to the modern Insurer.  When an Insurer works with an external vendor, they absorb the security risks  of that vendor plus it’s partners, assigns, and suppliers.  Any weakness in the supply chain becomes a liability to the Insurer.  By mandating that your vendors use eMsg, you can ensure that documents and communication used in relation to your assignments conforms to your security and compliance policies.  


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Our ever evolving security standards include