Document Automation

Medical Document Automation

We are pleased to announce that WiseDocs is now integrated within eClaims Workflow.
The industry leader in document automation, WiseDocs services are now available directly inside of eClaims Workflow. WiseDocs AI automation can handle multiple document types and will sort, de-duplicate, and create an intelligent index of all content.
Not just for large files, WiseDocs’ AI automation can update existing documentation with new content or remove accidentally duplicated pages. WiseDocs intelligence will recognize and digitize using their deep learning technology. All this in a quick turn around time (often less than an hour).
eClaims Workflow clients who already use WiseDocs will benefit from one-click access and automatic filing of the returned document(s).
eClaims Workflow clients who are not yet clients but are interested can sign up for a free one week trial.

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